What is a difficult challenge without a solution? Well, it is just that a challenge with no answer, no solution, and no resolution! The NW3C CTF team has been hard at work creating video walk-throughs for our challenges. In fact it is such a task we welcome our competitors to share with us their video walk throughs or blgos (once the compeition is over of course) and once reviewed we will add them to the list and share them with the world! We will post the challenge date, name, and link to the solution video right here. We have also curated a great solution video playlist here. Please check them out.

Challenge Week One (3/23 - 3/27/2020)
      Monday, March 23 - FlipPhonePhun
      Tuesday, March 24 - Did you hear the Drop Kick Murphys are playing a virtual show?
      Wednesday, March 25 - Cars aren't the only thing that goes in reverse
      Thursday, March 26 - Ogres have layers, this file has layers
      Friday, March 27 - Netflix

Challenge Week Two (3/30 - 4/3/2020)
     Monday, March 30 - Morning Edition, Crossword Puzzle
     Tuesday, March 31 - Storytime
     Thursday, April 2 - Incredible Hulk

CTF Competition #1 (4/6 - 4/18/2020)
     Monday, April 6 - Crossword Puzzle #2
     Thursday, April 9 - Hidden in Plain Site
     Monday, April 13 - Crossword Puzzle #3
     Tuesday, April 14 - The Rock
     Thursday, April 16 - Social Media Fun

CTF Competition #2 (4/20 - 5/2/2020)
     Monday, April 20 - Tool of Choice
     Thursday, April 23 - I am watching you on the tube
     Monday, April 27 - Movie Crossword Puzzle #5
     Tuesday, April 28 - Inception
     Wednesday, April 29 - Who likes to travel

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