While any CTF competition can be difficult, we at the NW3C understand sometimes the difficulty is not one of the challenges, but rather something malfunctioning with the system. Please do not use the technical assistance request feature at www.nw3c.org this is a separate website and asking for help on a challenge does not warrant as a technical assistance request through the NW3C. During this challenge we will not give hints, advice, or assistance on the problems. If the file download hashes correct; you have the right file, the answer may not be straightforward. However, it is there! If the NW3C CTF team has determined a hint should be given, it will be provided in the question. If you are having trouble specifically with your nw3.ctfd.io account or you are incapable of downloading the needed file for the challenge. Please contact us at ctf@nw3c.org and state the issue and provide screen shots if possible, to aid our team in assisting you. These challenges are intended to help improve your skill set and keep you sharp! These are intended to be solved by the participant alone without the help of others. Neither the NW3C staff nor its’ contractors will offer assistance in the solving of these challenges.